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Has humanity failed? Do we need the fear of God to keep us civilized and happy?
Although Renaissance enriched and enhanced religions, rigid Reformation that followed fragmented its unity. Even though latter enhanced blind faith, using logics to expose The Church it surprisingly gave way to logic on matters mundane. Stretching logic science suddenly emerged as Enlightenment saw the light of the day. While Right of Man gave commoner the right to make social laws with logic that lessened divine social laws, Freud's making of science out of sex lessened divine sexual laws. While state's non preference for one church- secularism - hurt state's support for religion, Darwin's preference for historic skeletons hurt support for God itself. With era of 'good news' changing to era of logic, as if asserting 'It's a cash orientated society', faith grabbed a bear graph and science the bull. As if grabbing the right time, while in the eastern front, killing people, communism tried to kill both God and religion, in the western front pluralism is killing the good news of 'One way to God'. Although faith and fear remained, while partial disregard of divine laws saw 'Scriptural laws are for the ancients, not us', further disregard and fear is seeing enhanced cash flow to holy sites and works to absolve sin. Finding the right time or as 'Even as a dog has its day', now the quiet, dejected, persecuted and unworthy people of the past became vocal with the new good news - 'there is no God'. Feasting on scriptural deficiencies, stalwarts among them like C Hitchens and R. Dawkins became bestsellers. Free from Emperor's, then God's, then guardian's fear man has never been so free and without fear. Stretching logic he has stretched science and technology almost to end points. Increasingly taking charge of mundane affairs, while UN produces a la 10 commandments for nations, states produce laws on equality,justice, human dignity, underage sex, family, government change and peaceful demonstrations. Peaking in logics, achievements and beautiful laws, while atheist suddenly seemed to top the evolutionary chain and God now became irrational and unnecessary to civilise us- Homo sapience, believers continued to play 'divided we fall'. However, the logical 'They lived happily ever after' hasn't yet quite come true. While financial corruption sees rich but incompetent bankers - supported even by the poor (possibly for the 1st time), equality corruption sees rampant racism and unequal pay, and moral corruption sees rising adultery, wife swap, family breakdowns, unwanted babies, sexual abuse of kids, sex slavery, rise and rise of STDs, and decreased respect for the elderly, political corruption sees scandals after scandals. With leaders forming mutually supportive corrupt networks, paedophile ring leaders, corrupt bankers, war inducing arms industry barons and petrol price hikers go unpunished. In fact, when own or borrowed (of professionals) smartness, money and secrecy are cocktailed anyone can virtually do anything. And when media is with and not after him, even a corrupt becomes an untouchable 'god'. When ego rises and fear of peers, parents and the police goes down, almost enticed by 'catch me if you can' even ordinary well fed mortals riot - as in UK. The most desired country -USA - also leading in most people in jail doesn't sound good. Although highly glamorised principle of free speech and right to change government every 4-5 yrs are there to instil fear in the wrongdoers, practice sees less. .
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