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Sexual Revolution Plus: A joyous Or Fearful Event For Women In The Developing Countries Like India & Pakistan?
All women are not the same. Some want to have success like men, others are simply happy expressing their maternal instincts and duties. While some abhor sex and not really like men, others like them - especially the stars and love sex when stimulated. Others approach men in loving the opposite sex and sex. Although this may be due to genes and upbringing, and it is seen even amongst animals, if we were to exclude whoring that is even done by chimps but for trade alone, our females are probably the only animals that can be converted to the last group - lovers of sex. In the olden days, when religious morality ruled the world and division of labour was the norm, sexes were segregated in worship and festive gatherings. With the fall of division of labour and rise of mixing of sexes, free choice and new love making concepts e.g. sex buddy, swinging, affairs etc. Sex loving women (last group) have never had such s good time. And when sexualising media, sexual gadgets, porn, Net secrecy, unnecessariness of virginity at honeymoon, contraceptives, ‘sex positive’ and feminist’s ‘She takes her pleasure wherever and whenever she wants’ got added as Sexual Revolution, conversion of women to the last group is showing a meteoric rise. Far from complaining, even if Apolollo11 didn't land on the moon - as the conspiracy theorists say - men are certainly landing on the moon on earth. With him ‘always’ saying yes and her increasingly following suite making a vicious cycle, the resulting heaven on earth finds heaven in heaven simply unseen, far and illogical. Strangely however, the guaranteed, ‘They lived happily ever after’ hasn’t been the case for most women. For them, Sexual Revolution instead has brought addiction, family breakups, STDs single motherhood, paedophilia, sexual harrashment abuse and enslavement. In the developing world, like India; matters are more complex and worse.
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